Low Lint General Purpose Wiper Roll Blue 245mm X 70m

Rag on a roll durable cloth-like paper wipers are made of a strong woodpulp & cotton threads, bulk disposable paper wipers are absorbent, strong & lint-free cleaning towels.
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Low Lint General Purpose Wiper Roll Blue  245mm X 70m

Telijie Low Lint Wiper is an economical general purpose wipes made of 200 easy to tear perforated sheets of 4 ply tissue reinforced with a cotton scrim netting.

These Industrial Wiper Rolls has superior wet strength - unlike some paper wipers, will not fall apart when wet. Lint free & ideal for easy disposable wiping and absorbing tasks, from spills through to grease and oils.

Available in blue and white colours.

Material: woodpulp paper with scrim reinforced 

Weight: 3 ply 55gsm,4 ply 65gsm

Color: white,blue


Packing: 1 roll per pack,3 or 6 rolls per ctn,OEM available

perforated sheets of 4 ply tissue

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