Hefei Telijie Sanitary Material Co., Ltd.--Dine Together Mar 01, 2021
March is the beginning of spring. The plan of the year is spring, and everything recovers; In this most beautiful season, the breeze is blowing, birds are singing and flowers are fragrant. In particular, the innovative scrim reinforced paper of "TELIJIE" brand goes abroad and goes to the world, which makes everyone's enthusiasm extremely high.

On March 1, the spring rain was continuous, but it was warm and cold, but it still couldn't stop the enthusiasm of the employees. The company's purpose of the dinner was to reward innovative employees and encourage all colleagues in the sales department to have the courage to innovate and develop ideas!

This dinner party makes all departments understand each other better, increases the cohesion of all departments, and lays a solid foundation for the close cooperation and unity of all departments in the future! Strengthening team cooperation and corporate culture is an important part of the group building activities of Telijie company.

Telijie looking forward to a better tomorrow!

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