Introduction to TELIJIE'S Scrim Reinforced Material Sep 14, 2021

1) Research and development background of Cloth Like Paper(Scrim Reinforced Paper)

Hefei Teljie Sanitary Material company began to develop cloth-like paper in 2006. According to the inventor, chairman Zhang Guangming, the inspiration comes from the vertical and horizontal meridians of common food towel gourd.  How to add "meridians" to the paper "To make paper as strong as cloth, Telijie company independently developed the equipment and continuously tested it on the line. After 10 years of continuous exploration and progress, this product was finally developed from having a concept in mind to being able to be produced on a machine in 2016, with stable performance, mass production and independent invention patent right.

2) Application of Scrim Reinforced Paper

This scrim reinforced paper is made by 3 or 4 ply tissue with cotton threads reinforcement. It has both the flexibility of paper and the toughness of cloth. It creates a precedent for the revolution of paper industry, can completely replace Spunlace non-woven fabric and airlaid paper. The superior performance of the product is environmental protection and degradability. It has an extremely wide range of applications,can be deeply processed and widely used in civil, industrial wiping, packaging and medical and health fields.

3)Technical Data of Scrim Towel

4) Comparison of similar materials

Spunlace nonwoven material:100% cotton, cotton fiber is an important raw material in traditional textile industry. It is mainly used in medical and health materials in nonwovens. The utility model has the advantages of strong wear resistance, high dry and wet strength, soft hand feeling, easy adhesion and good moisture absorption.

Natural cotton fiber contains many impurities and dust particles, which need very good pretreatment before it can be used in the processing of nonwovens. For medical and health products, cotton fiber can achieve the required cleanliness and health characteristics only after scouring and bleaching. Therefore, it is pure cotton used for medical and health.The price of nonwovens is relatively expensive, and the cost of nonwovens is high

Air paper,is a kind of dry nonwovens.It has unique physical properties, such as high elasticity, excellent softness, feel and sag, high water absorption and good water retention It is widely used in health care products, special medical products, industrial wiping products and other fields.There are two main characteristics of airlaid paper: one is that the raw material is wood pulp fiber; The second is the use of airflow network technology.

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