• Introduction to TELIJIE'S Scrim Reinforced Material Sep 14, 2021
    1) Research and development background of Cloth Like Paper(Scrim Reinforced Paper) Hefei Teljie Sanitary Material company began to develop cloth-like paper in 2006. According to the inventor, chairman Zhang Guangming, the inspiration comes from the vertical and horizontal meridians of common food towel gourd.  How to add "meridians" to the paper "To make paper as strong as cloth, Telijie...
  • What’s scrim reinforced paper towel? Oct 07, 2021
    What’s scrim reinforced paper towel? Scrim Reinforced Paper Towel is made from 100% pure wood pulp paper + cotton thread. The advantages of paper: water absorption is good, can withstand 6 times of its own weight of water, not easy to rise, not easy to drop chips, without adding sensitive, clean and sanitary, wet water is not easy to break, but the tension increased 1000 times. According...

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